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This boat is not named Liberty because of any connection to the Liberty Ships of World War II, but because it was a launch that brought Naval personnel from a large ship, such as an aircraft carrier or a destroyer, to shore for their time off, their “liberty.” This boat was built in the 1980s, a big tough, very safe boat, with a big Detroit diesel.


The Liberty down river cruise is perfect for bigger groups of up to 44 guests. 


The Down River Cruise is 2 Hours long.

To request different time please contact


This cruise is not sold on a per the person basis, but instead on a by the boat basis which includes captain and crew, and capacity for up to 44 guests. 


There is plenty of space on the engine hatch to lay out food on platters. Bringing your own catering is encorgaged.


Liberty is a big and stable boat.


BYOB is encouraged


Catering and Drinks can be organized through contacting

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